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The world's smallest Appaloosa!

September 2009

I no longer hold the Guinness book of records for the world's smallest horse, but I'll bet that I have the world's smallest Appaloosa!

Her name is "spot" (no doubt, the most common name for Appaloosa among non-creative horse owners).

Spot is an Achondroplastic Dwarf Horse, a horse with a full-sized torso, but with tiny legs and ears! 

Before Spot's owner could no longer care for her, Spot was a spoiled brat, and she still is hard to work with because she is very self-centered.

She is long and low, the low rider of horses only about 24 inches tall, and six feet long!

Spot can gallop too!  The stallions thinks that dwarfs are sexy, and below we see Spot (far right) being pursued by a suitor.

Spot is also mean as a snake!  When Danny Harmon (our Farrier) comes to trim her hooves, she constantly tried to bite him!  It's hilarious!




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