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The best topiary plant material

Independent Golf Tips for the professional at Leisure

February 2008



Choosing the right shrubbery for topiary is a big decision.  If you choose the wrong species or sub-species, your topiaries can look shoddy.  Here are my notes of the right species of plants and shrubs for topiary.



Wikipedia, normally a source of incorrect information lists these Topiary plant species:






Shrub Topiary

Ilex vomitoria -                   Yaupon Holly
Juniperus sylvestris -           Sylvester Juniper
Ligustrum japonicum -         Japanese Privet
Podocarpus macrophyllus - Japanese Yew
Pyracantha sp. -                   Firethorn

Sphagnum Topiary

Alternanthera ficoidea -         Alternanthera
Begonia semperflorens cvs. - Wax Begonia
Ficus pumila -                        Creeping Fig
Hedera helix -                        English Ivy





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