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Andrew Burleson Rifle shooting at 1,000 yards - Bullseye!

Notes by Donald K. Burleson

April 2011

We believe that long distance rifle skills are important and we are studying NRA conventional high-powered rifle competition.

This is Janet with her .308, she calls “The Beast”.

Janet with her .308 Remington 700 (with a Leupold 6.5-20x 40mm scope)

The .308 works great on our 300 yards range on the ranch, but we need to get out and stretch our legs .

We have family in the military and we got access to a 1,000 yard range. It’s very intimidating on a long target range.

The black targets ring is only 44 inches and it’s barely perceptible to the naked eye!

Forty Four inch targets can barely be seen at 1,000 yards .

Our .308 has a muzzle velocity of twice the speed of sound (2.760 feet per second) which is fine up to 900 yards, but after that, the bullet goes sub-sonic and tumbles into the target!

Even at 300 yards, a target looks small

To get around the trans-sonic airflow, we loaded with a faster powder and 155 grain bullets (a lighter load), and we stayed supersonic at 1,000 yards easily.

After doping the scope, I was shooting 2 MOA, so I gave up and let our son Andy have a crack at 1,000 yards.

On his very first shot at 1,000 yards he hit a bullseye!

A 10-X!

Remember, this is the distance of ten football fields and the bullseye is only six inches wide!

 Later, we tried a bigger rifle, a 300 Mag, and the same again, Andy’s first shot was a bullseye!

Andy Burleson learns proper sniper sighting

This kid is a born sniper, incredible eyesight and superb sense for Kentucky windage . . .

Andrew Sean Burleson at the thousand yard line. . . .



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