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Qaqortoq Greenland

Independent travel tips for the professional at Leisure

October 2008



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The Melting Greenland icecap



Approaching Greenland by ship is an amazing experience.  The constant icebergs are being shed from the glaciers, and the rugged peals and ice-sculpted mountains provide a dramatic backdrop for their unworldly landscape.





The sunrises in Greenland are an amazing spectacle of color, quite amazing






Greenland icebergs









Is Greenlandic the longest language?


What language has the longest words?  While nobody has ever calculated the average length of words, it’s commonly believed that the Welch language has super-long words, especially town names like Gorsafawddachaidraigodanheddogleddollonpenrhynareurdraethceredigion.


The Welsh is even longer than German, where they paste many words together into a single large word.

  • Gepäckaufbewahrungsschein (luggage-up-hold-certificate) = luggage check ticket

  • Geschwindigkeitsüberschreitung = speeding

  • Hoechsgeschwindigkeitsbegrenzung = maximum speed limit

But I have a new contended for the world’s longest words. The folks in Greenland folks speak Greenlandic, an Eskimo-Aleut language spoken only in Greenland.  The native Greenlandic language beats the Welsh language for the longest words, with these beauties:



There are Greenland web sites but thankfully whey abbreviate their word length:





The town of Qaqortoq



Qaqortoq is a







local fresh water reservoir










welfare housing for the poor








Hunting for whales


We took a ride into the frontier and came upon a spectacular site of a young whale feeding in an isolated inlet:



A young whale feeding in a Greenland inlet





Sadly, out guide was right on his cell phone telling his buddies about the whale, and planning to kill it.


He explained that the whales are killed instantly with special whale guns and the death of the baby whale would be quick, painless and delicious.









Eskimo medicines

I was impressed with the hardiness of the locals, folks who thrive in very harsh conditions, extreme cold, poor farming, and most of all, relations with the Danish:

The Inuit children roam freely and safely, since everyone knows everyone else, kids are completely safe from harm.


I also came across this is a store, medicine for Eskimo kids.  I’m not sure if this is for Eskimo kids or if “Eskimo” is a brand name . . .





Dining Eskimo style


The idea of freshly clubbed baby seal is met with repulsion by hippies and members of PETA, but to the Eskimo’s, fresh baby seal is a real treat.




I was in Eskimo country recently and I was surprised to find out that they can hunt all sorts of unique goodies, including seagulls, seal meat and whales.

At the market, the seal meat is a vivid red, and it almost turns black then cooked:


They also say that the baby seals taste much better than the adult deals, which have a very strong fishy and gamey flavor. It’s like the difference between lamb and mutton.


Fresh Seal meat is bright red


Incidentally, the Eskimos say that baby seal has a fishy taste and it has a distinct gamey flavor which most Americans would find disgusting. I’d like to say that it tastes like chicken, but it tastes more like seagull, which they sell in their public markets

We Americans are hypocrites when it comes to the slaughter of baby seals. The baby seal harvest is no more gruesome than the slaughter of baby lambs, and just as violent. Where I live, the farmers slit their throats and hang them upside down while they are still alive so that the last beats of their hearts flush the blood from their dying baby bodies:










Real estate in Greenland is expensive, this home is over $300,000:




Colorful lichens on the tundra





















Older folks get around in supercharged scooters, this one was careening through town at breakneck speeds!





Eskimo potato farmer















Misc pics:







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