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Lulu facilitates plagiarism

Publishing tips by Donald K. Burleson

December 2010

I was surprised that the LULU publisher would allow a plagiarist to copy-paste my content, published it and copyright it in their own name, without even bothering to take the ten minutes required to verify that it was stolen.   A Google search reveals that a significant portion of this book is been directly stolen from the rightful authors and republished under the copyright of

Lulu allows people to publish anonymously, making it nearly impossible to sue for copyright infringement.  They even allow animals to become authors, such as Jason the Horse.

A SQL Server DBA Grant Fritchey published this note on how Lulu re-published his APress book and attributed it to a thief named William Miller.

“I received an email from someone suggesting I check out a book on, that it might be a copy of my book. Sure enough, this other guy, William Miller, had posted my book, with the original cover (that had my name on it) and the original description on his own “author” page. He also offered a decent little discount on the price. Nice guy. “

America should not tolerate publishers who allow authors to publish “at their word” without taking a few minutes to see if the work is stolen. There are many sites that quickly identify stolen book content, it’s not hard, and it’s due diligence for every publishing company.

Lulu re-published a Don Burleson book giving credit to the thief Flavia D’souza

LULU appears facilitate plagiarists worldwide  because LULU never bothers to do a verify whether book was stolen. I worked for hundreds of hours writing my book, and it really frosts me to see my own words attributed to some thief named Flavia D’Souza, and copyrighted by a self-publishing outfit called Lulu.

Lulu is sort of like eBay (the world’s largest thieves market), in the sense that they both are aiding and abetting the wholesale theft of goods and intellectual property. did not even take a minute to see that this author copied portions of the book from numerous other authors. You cannot even reach Lulu by phone (919-459-5858), it's just an answering machine. That's always fishy. . . .

Lulu is not a small operation, and it looks like I’ll have to spend thousands of dollars to protect my own Intellectual property rights from an irresponsible publisher.

There ought to be a "due diligence" law against publishers who don’t even try to ensure that they are not printing plagiarized material.



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