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Limits to the First Amendment

Blogger tips by Burleson Consulting

July 2010

I hate arguing with idiots, and I was having a discussion with a dolt who thought that Americans have the right to “flip the finger” and say “F U”, as a First Amendment right (free speech).

Maybe they don’t teach civics anymore, but I get weary of people who think that the First Amendment gives them the right to lie, cheat and steal.
  • False warnings: The Gold standard for the limits of First Amendment protection is that you cannot scream “fire” in a crowded theater.
  • Posers: These are the most offensive idiots of all, morons who think that the First Amendment allows them to pose as policemen, doctors and war heroes. I especially hate the pussies who violate the Stolen Valor Act by pinning-on medals for valor that they never earned, hoping to get laid.
  • Fighting Words: Many people don’t know that using obscene language and hand gestures can land you in jail! There is even a Fighting Words Doctrine that prohibits the use of offensive, insulting language toward and person in public places.
  • Libel: It amazes me at how many people think that the First Amendment gives them the right to publish damaging lies about other people. It’s especially bad on the Internet, and it’s being called cyberlibel



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