Virginia Geraldine Burleson

Virginia Geraldine "Ginger" Burleson was born on February 15, 1920 and died on March 25, 1976.

Also see these notes on her husband Lt. Col. Louis F. Burleson

The daughter of Geraldine Virginia Burns (Byrnes) and Charles Griffiths, she emigrated to the United States through Ellis Island as an infant in 1921 after her father died at sea from an illness. 


Virginia Griffiths and Geraldine Griffiths arrived at Ellis Island on the Cunard ship the SS Carmania on January 15th, 1921. 

Their final destination was originally marked San Francisco California, but it was changed enroute to Philadelphia.  In reality, they settled in Manhattan.


She lived in New York City and New Jersey prior to he mother re-marriage to James Rylance in about 1933 when they moved to 807 Parkland Circle in Albuquerque New Mexico, the armpit of the known universe.

Her husband was Lt. Col. Louis F. Burleson and her only child was Donald K. Burleson.


Ginger Burleson looking pensive, 1942


Virginia Burleson, as a newlywed in 1942

Her husband Louis said that her buck teeth were so pronounced that she could "eat an apple through a picket fence"!




Virginia Burleson's New Mexico Drivers license, 1963



Virginia and "Skippy", circa 1966


Virginia & Louis F. Burleson circa 1966


Virginia, Donald and Louis Burleson, their last Thanksgiving together, November 1974