J. A. Burns (Jack)

Dublin dentist circa 1910

This is Dr. J. A. "Jack?" Burns business card.  J. A. Burns was the father of Geraldine Burns, mother of Virginia G. Griffiths, mother of Donald K. Burleson.  He was said to have a dental practice at 99 Upper Georges Street. Dublin Ireland.


J. A. Burns with sons Tommy (in lap), Leo, and Jack, with daughters Rosaline (born 30 May 1893) and Geraldine (infant, born 1903), circa 1903

At this time, very little is known about Dr. Burns, but this page will be updated as data is collected.


His sons Leopold Francis Burns and J. A. "Jack" Burns followed in his footsteps, and they were both surgeons in the Army, and Fellows of the Royal College of Surgeons and Physicians, both stationed in India:


Here is his business card offering his services as a dental surgeon:




Here is the business address, mapped in Dublin:

It is unclear about the "OF MELBOURNE", and the name change from Byrne to Burns.

I know that my Mum was born in Dublin in 1920 and her mother Geraldine was born in Belfast in 1903, so what’s up with this reference to Melbourne?

Could the "OF MELBOURNE" refer to a town in England?

"The village of Melbourne is a small and very attractive Georgian market town in beautiful South Derbyshire. It is about eight miles south of and two miles from the River Trent."

J. A. Burns family photos:





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