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Family Guy Sings!  At Carnegie Hall

Independent travel tips for the professional at Leisure

November 2008


Family Guy Sings was created to support the Writers Guild of America (WGA), a great new event with all proceeds going to the WGA.

There are very few events in Carnegie Hall that are "wicked classy", but this one promises to be very special.  The shows were held at Carnegie Hall on Monday, November 24 & Tuesday, November 25, 2008, before a packed house, including a few too-many 11 years olds . . .

L to R:  Voices of Cleveland, Meg, Chris, Lois and Peter/Brian/Stewie McFarlane can sing!

The show Family Guy Sings was great fun, a charity benefit for the Writers Guild of America.  We took Andy, Jen and Ben, their first experience with haute' couture and Carnegie hall:

A classy night at Carnegie Hall McFarlane's vocal rang was amazing

The real show as all about Seth McFarlane, a talented vocalist who moved seamlessly between his voices for Stewie, Brian the dog and Peter Griffin.  I could have listened to this for hours.  In addition to having a wicked sense of humor, McFarlane is a skilled pianist and singer who in his early years trained with Frank Sinatra's vocal coach.

The tiny midget Seth Green was also comic relief, voicing Chris Griffin.

McFarlane was dress-out well in a suit with a crisp white short, but the effect was strand with his sneakers which made is pants look weird, like a creepy old man. 

Seth Macfarlane has a lucky life, since he was booked on Flight 111 on 9/11/2001, the plane that crashed into the North Tower of the World Trade center!  He missed the flight due to being late and having a hangover . . .

The show highlights were his renditions of the “Freaking FCC”, and watching the ladies voice the "embarrassing" lines, like when pretty Mila Kunis was speaking t a lack of hot dogs . . . .






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