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Ear lobe creases predict heart attacks

Health tips by Donald K.. Burleson

April 2010

It sounds strange, but numerous medical studies have confirmed that a crease in your ear lobe is an accurate harbinger for death by heart attack.

Pundit Cecil Adams cites medical evidence that earlobe creases correlate to heart disease:

Earlobe crease (ELC), i.e., a line running diagonally from the bottom of the ear opening to the ear's lower tip, and ear lobe creases relationship to death by heart disease has been confirmed:

  • A Swedish study of 520 autopsies found ear lobe creases had a "positive predictive value" for coronary artery disease of 68 percent 80 percent in those under 40.
  • A Turkish study found ear lobe creases was a higher risk factor for heart disease than diabetes, family history of cardiovascular trouble, or smoking..
  • Of 340 patients admitted to the Montreal Heart Institute, 91 percent of those with ear lobe creases had heart disease versus only 61 percent of those without.
  • An Irish study of 247 patients found ear lobe creases had a predictive value of 71 percent for heart disease, showing what statisticians call low sensitivity but high specificity.

In reality, ear lobe creases indicate advanced aging.

Ear lobe creases and advanced aging

Here is my Dad at age 41, looking like an man of 65 years old.  His ear creases are very prominent and predicted his death at age 60 from a massive coronary.  He had hardening of the arteries and massive clots lodged in his brain, causing his auditory nerves to shut down.





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