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Finding a safe Taxi Cab Driver in the
 Dominican Republic

Travel notes by Donald K. Burleson

April 2011


There are some areas that are safe, and others that are not so safe.

There are friendly outdoor cafe's:

The neighborhoods are quaint and charming:

However, there is crime in the Dominican Replublic and you must be careful to choose a licensed taxi cab driver who has a concealed handgun that is loaded, and a driver who is ready to fire it.

Some cab driver have a handgun for threatening, but bullets are expensive.  Also ask to see the handgun permit, and inspect the pistol to ensure that it is full loaded.

Here is a handgun carry license from the Dominican Republic:

Next, you must access if the taxi cab driver has the Moxie to use a handgun in case you are attacked. 

This fellow (Alex Guzman) was a great cab driver in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and he was friendly and kept us safe. 

We checked, and and he carries a .38 revolver handgun with a full load of hollow-point bullets:




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