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Building a home shooting range gallery

Gun Tips by Donald K. Burleson

October 2010

Here are the steps that I used to build a home shooting range:

We begin by finding an open area with a gentle downward slope with at least 250 yards of open space.  This view is taken looking from the target line, looking upwards at the gentle slope.

This safety feature guarantees that any stray shots to not go more than a few feet into the forest.
We started with piling up a burn, 50 feet long 15 feet wide at the base and 10 feet tall.

We ensured that we have a least a mile of forest behind the burm.
Next, we dug a safety ditch to catch broken targets and trash.
Next, we planned to use 2 foot by 3 foot foam boards (available at office supply stores) for target backups.

Hence, we mounted 6x6x12 foot vertical posts three feet apart (on center), so we could easily use stickpins to mount the white foam board.
Then, we added a shelf to freestanding targets.
We reserved 20 feet of the burn for close-up handgun target mounts, which can be human sized, larger than the rifle targets.
Here is how we attached the foam core board using large stickpins.  Easy!

Then, we easily mount the targets with four tiny stickpins, making mounting of targets very simple.

Shooting Pit

We needed a safe place to sit and wire-back the shot results. 

We have developed a home rifle range, and when shooting at distances in excess of 260 yards, it neigh-on impossible to see the bullet holes on a black target.

Instead of digging a traditional pit into the ground, I designed this shooing pit, where the “puller” can sit safely behind a burn with a walkie-talkie. 

After each shot. the puller will to these things:

1 - Report the shot verbally
2 - Mark the current hole in red
3 - Paste over the previous shot with either a black or white pasting circle.

Here is a design for in the woods to the side of the shooting range, outside of the pasture:





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