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Breaking 80 in golf

Independent golf tips for the professional at Leisure

September 2009

After two years of almost daily play I'm now a solid Bogie golfer and I'm looking forward to the major challenge for every golfer, breaking 80.

To score in the 70's places you in the rarified air of PGA professionals and serious golfers.

I've been a part-tome golfer for four decades, but the demands of work and family prevented me from dedicating myself to mastering the world's 2nd hardest sport (Polo is the world's hardest sport, golf is second).  Regardless, breaking 80 is a giant challenge for any golfer, a goal that requires a part time commitment for several years, working at least 20 hours per week on your golf game.

Most golfer improve rapidly in the first few years, moving down 10 strokes per year, provided that they play at least 36 holes per week, practice and take lessons.  However, the rate of improvement flattens out as you become proficient at the basics.  Once you shoot in the low 90's, gold becomes more challenging than ever before, as you must make pars and bogies on a continuous basis.

                                   Golf scores are asymptotic to par

The last 20 strokes off of your handicap can takes years, and the farther you go, the more challenging golf becomes.

As a bogie golfer, I spend about 50 hours to take a stroke off my game, but if I play every day for the next two years I have a shot at breaking 80.  According to my golf coach, Brad Clayton, my talented golf coach, here is what I need to do to break 80:

  •  Walk the links I own three golf carts (we play at several courses), but they stay garaged, as I walk 4.5 miles every day to improve my game, and my stamina.

  • Lose weight and exercise - You must be thin and flexible to play scratch golf.
  • Practice - I put-up a home driving range using Tifton 419 Bermuda and home putting green, so that I can take quick breaks and practice at home.

  •  Visualize your play Run through your round in your mind, re-playing each hole.  You will be amazed at how well that helps.

The last 20 strokes off of your handicap can takes years, and the farther you go, the more challenging golf becomes.




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